07-December-2006: ICC Test Teams Ranking

Its no doubt professionalism, mental and physical fitness of Aussies that has kept them in both of main forms of cricket. Here is list of top test playing nations released by ICC on December 01, 2006. serial no. Team Matches Points Rating 1. Australia 37 4793 130 2. England 41 4864 119 3. Pakistan 34 […]

ICC ODI Teams Ranking

Australia keeps its top position in ICC ODI Team ranking released on December 7, 2006. serial no. Team Matches Points Rating 1. Australia 33 4335 131 2. South Africa 32 4047 126 3. New Zealand 22 2477 113 4. Pakistan 30 3373 112 5. Sri Lanka 37 4011 108 6. India 41 4355 106 7. […]

Record related to first Twenty20 match played

Pakistan got of the mark in victories in the very first international 20-20 match playing against England at Bristol. Here are some records which are now a part of history: Played at Bristol, Pakistan against England First run taken by Shoaib Malik. First Wicket taken by Muhammad Asif First Man of Match from Pakistan is […]

England & Italy both win: history repeats itself

England has at last won a test series after 1982 against Pakistan at home land. They are 2-0 with one test match remaining in the series. You must had heard many time that History repeats itself and it has happened this year. Some sort of relation is depicted between Italy and England Italy had won […]

Opening Stand for Pakistan!

There has been a long discussion and debate over the performance of Pakistani openers over last 8 years almost. Probably Aamir Sohail and Saeed Anwer were last pair of openers which was reliable and had delivered over the years. After Aamir Sohail, there was a sudden problem of Saeed’s partner. Shahid Afridi had accompanied him […]