“Darrel Hair is a stubborn person”, says Nasir Hussain.

The whole drama started after Hair suddenly spotted some rough surface over ball. He accused Pakistanis of ball tempering and imposed all punishments described in article 42.2

Inzamam was astonished over the sudden scene created by the Umpire. It is thought that if there was some one else other than Inzi, he might had protested strongly at that moment. The main and apparent reason of Hair doing such a thing was probably reverse swing by Pakistanis. If this is the reason then no doubt he is still living 15 years back. Similar was the reaction of English and Australians when they had seen reverse swing from Waqar and Wasim back in 1992 world cup. Another reason is his biased behavior against Pakistan and this enmity has been depicted by him on a number of occasions. Afterwords play was called off earlier due to bad light for tea session.

After tea interval Inzamam refused to come back in the ground. After some time Umpires and batsmen can to pitch and Hair ended the match in England’s favor after waiting for some time for Pakistanis. During that time when Umpires were waiting for Pakistanis they were probably busy in meeting with Match referee along with other officials. Hair imposed his decision according to article 21 on Pakistani to end the match in England’s favor.

After some time Pakistanis were ready to play the match but this time Hair was not ready at all. He is stuck with his thoughts that he has only followed the rules. Now if he talks about rules then he must be questioned that what are the rules he has been following throughout his carrier when ever playing against Pakistan. He is always biased whenever gets a chance to stand in a match involving one Asian team.

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